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About Us

Innohabitat is an international property developer establishing the world’s first chain of Affordable Sustainable Townships which incorporate a Bonded Dry Port Logistics Free Trade Zone and Solar Farm Power Plant.

Leveraging off extensive expertise and experience in sustainable building materials and ultra-fast-track construction systems gain from completing thousands of homes in remote areas of Malaysia.  This experience and extensive research and development has lead to the design of the Innohabitat Sustainable City Model which is now the foundation of the proprietary branded developments.

Innohabitat has conceived and designed the African Belt and Road Initiative of which is an extension of the Chinese Government’s Belt and Road global rail and sea logistics plan that connects Africa at Mombasa by sea.

B & R 9

Innohabitat has also initiated the Trans African Railway to link Mombasa, Kenya in East Africa through to Lagos, Nigeria in West Africa with rail spurs to Ghana and Angola.  This allows a sea route back to Europe to close the loop.

African Belt and Road Initiative

Innohabitat intends to develop affordable off-grid townships at strategic locations along the African Belt and Road route to provide extensive affordable housing solutions in addition to clearance and duties facilities within the Bonded Dry Port Logistics Free Trade Zones.

Phase One, the $13 Billion SGR Railway from Mombasa to Nairobi has been completed in 4th Qtr 2017. Innohabitat has completed a pre-feasibility on a 3,000 acre mega logistics township at Voi, which is poised to be the main clearance facility for Mombasa Port to Nairobi and to be the junction to extend the Trans African Railway network to Tanzania and beyond.

East Africa Railway Network Map 3

The new logistic Hub at Voi connects to the new East Africa railway system which includes Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda with connections to Zambia, DRC, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. The route continues through Central African Rep., Cameroon and Nigeria with connections from Cameroon to Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, DRC and Angola and from Nigeria to Benin, Togo and Ghana.

Kenya Railay

Missing links along the route shall be serviced by Roadrail off-road road-train haulage of which can spur to service neighbouring countries that are not on the route. Roadrail also provides contract haulage solutions for the mining industry.  The rugged off-road trucks and trailers have been specially designed and re-engineered for this application by Innoauto


The African Belt & Road also incorporates Searail which is a High Speed Passenger & Cargo Ferry service commencing at Lekki Free Zone, the route includes Ikorodu, Victoria Island, Daddo Terminal (Nigeria), Cotonou (Benin), Lome (Togo), Tema, Cape Coast & Takoradi (Ghana), Abidjan & San-Pedro (Cote dIvoire), Harper & Monrovia (Liberia), Freetown (Sierra Leone) Conakry (Guinea), Bissau (Guinea Bissau), Banjul (Gambia) and Dakar (Senegal) and return in addition to personnel and freight services to the oil rigs.

The fleet of 266’ Fast RoPax Wave Piercing Catamaran High Speed Ferry vessels are designed to operate comfortably in ocean wave conditions and carries 700 passengers and 181 cars at speeds of 40 knots. 

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Airrail is establishing a high quality, ultra low cost International passenger and cargo service in West Africa, operating a unique all stops costal route to Lagos and an all stops inland route to Abuja and return to Bissau.

Airrail is establishing a Logistics Free Trade Zone and International Transit Hub at Bissau International Airport with daily low cost international flights via a low cost transfer to the UK, EU and USA.

The international passenger and cargo service is designed to connect with Searail to facilitate a reliable low cost infrastructure to assist in stimulating International Trade in order to create employment within free trade zones.



Busrail has developed a unique structure, we are a consortium of owner operators, we take pride in our brand new fleet of luxury buses and our valued customers.  We operate a niche range of public transport vehicles that have been specifically designed for rough road conditions to ensure optimum safety in any road or weather conditions. Busrail is establishing in Ghana and expanding to Nigeria and beyond. The focus is on establishing Busrail Bus Terminals that will be further developed to accommodate InnoCourier last mile deliveries.


Innohabitat welcomes Government’s along the proposed African Belt and Road route to participate in the Trans African Railway, Roadrail and Searail in addition to Affordable Townships with Dry Port Free Trade Zone and solar farm projects to bring significant infrastructure development and unprecedented job and opportunity creation to significantly stimulate local economies. 

It should be noted that the Trans African Railway welcomes existing and pending railway infrastructure companies to integrate into an interconnecting network to achieve strategic advantages. One such advantage is the Trans African Railway coast to coast centralised online booking facility. We also welcome participation from Governments and private companies in the high speed passenger and freight services.

Innohabitat is in the position to provide builder’s terms on development sites within our projects and we welcome collaboration proposals from potential participants to leverage off these projects to value add impact.

Breaking News:  Innohabitat has signed a joint venture agreement with the largest and most prominent property developer in Pakistan, currently developing seventeen upmarket developments including five subdivision township projects. 

The intention is to develop eleven Affordable Sustainable Townships which incorporate a Bonded Dry Port Logistics Free Trade Zone and Solar Farm Power Plant. The identified locations being Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Sahiwal, Dl Hkan, Quetta, Sukkur, Panjgur, Hyderabad, Gwadar and Karachi.

Belt and Road Pakistan

Construction is well underway with the $55 Billion Belt and Road plan that is currently being established in Pakistan.

Chinese surveyors examine a road surface in Peshawar in 2016

These township developments with Bonded Dry Port Logistics Free Trade Zones along the Belt and Road in Pakistan effectively connects West Africa directly to into China.


In addition to the logistics infrastructure mentioned above, perhaps the most difficult objective is effective infrastructure to facilitate the last mile deliveries.

Introducing Collect Depot, allows you to receive your parcel while you are at work or without the concern that it will get stolen from your door step. Now online and offline deliveries are sent to the Collect Depot so they can collect when convenient.  Collect Depots and ATM Hubs are strategically located within InnoCourier Branch Depots.

Last mile delivery is facilitated by InnoCourier, featuring specially designed affordable, low maintenance, off-road delivery vehicles, InnoCourier is our CSR Division, empowering single mothers into the transport and logistics industry.  InnoCourier provides prompt and reliable delivery of official documents and small parcels with a focus on the banking and retail industries and last mile deliveries for multinational courier companies. Services also include stock delivery to street hawkers, general go-for deliveries such a groceries and food delivery. Whereas InnoEat is specialised express food delivery and InnoTaxi is a unique affordable metered taxi service for individual passengers for short to medium range journeys in rural towns.

Innoauto Transport Association fosters entrepreneurial development by facilitating funding options to enable owner drivers to operate under the brand, management and corporate image of InnoCourier, InnoEat & Innotaxi in Ghana and Nigeria. Innoauto Transport Association manages Searail, Roadrail and the Trans African Railway.

Kindly support our Global Giving campaign. We are changing the way AID is provided in Africa, InnoAID is an AID recycling model that exponentially increases the realised value of the AID.  Your single donation that initially empowers 64 single mothers out of destitution, is leveraged to assist 256 single mothers in one year and is further recycled to assist 5,120 single mothers.

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