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Branded Developments

Innohabitat has commenced the world’s first chain of branded affordable sustainable townships including a Dry Port Free Trade Zone and incorporating a Solar Farm Power Plant:

✅ Comunidades Pristine:

Pristine Resort is a sustainable off-grid gated community packaged to look and feel like a resort. The development consists of 3,000 dwellings comprising of 750 x modest 1, 2 e 3 bedroom homes on private garden fenced plots, 750 x micro-homes, 750 x terrace houses and 750 x apartments. The community features a unique cluster housing design with meandering footpaths, sealed roads, street lighting, waste-to-energy sewage, power and water system in addition to kindergarten, playground, shopping centre, bus terminal and community hall with swimming pool. The innovative design increases density by 300% yet increases desirability, liveability and safety, reduces road costs by 60% and ensures continuity of supply of electricity from the solar farm power plant.

A comunidade é suportado por uma variedade de serviços, incluindo Innomall shopping and business centre, Innobanking, GO Fuel station, Innorest Hotel e Innoauto Transport Association Transport Terminal. Pristine Motorpark is an automotive industrial hub & free trade zone providing the community with extensive specialised automotive sales, service and repair facilities in addition to significant skills training & employment creation in addition to Dry Port facilities where appropriate.

Current Projects:

Pristine Vio Resort: Innohabitat has secured 3,000 acres of land located within the 10,000 acre Pristine Voi Inland Port & Free Trade Zone Sustainable City project in Voi, Kenya.

Pristine Enugu Resort: Innohabitat has secured 250 acres of land located within the within the Enpower Free Trade Zone in Enugu, Nigeria.

Pending Projects: Atualmente proteger sites de desenvolvimento em todo o Paquistão,,en,modelo do sistema ego fazenda solar única,,en,InnoAce,,ro,atrelados basculantes são distribuídos através da Associação de Transporte Innoauto,,en, InnoCourier,,en,InnoCourier fornece entrega expressa de documentos oficiais e pequenas parcelas com foco em contas corporativas e de varejo e entregas de última milha para empresas de courier multinacionais,,en,InnoCourier também distribui e fornece produtos para vendedores ambulantes e lojas de varejo,,en, InnoEat,,en,Obter o alimento que você quer comer, quando e onde você quiser comer,,en.

✅ Pristine Haven:

Pristine Haven is a branded chain of residential communities where residents enjoy an ultra affordable rental accommodation and a lifestyle that is otherwise not available. The modern homes feature most of the comforts and conveniences of a larger home within a tranquil cluster setting and feature high ceiling and large windows to allow for natural light and feeling of space. The home also incorporates a private fenced, paved and covered court yard and shaded balcony with serving counter from the kitchen for alfresco dining or enjoying the scenery and breeze. The home is fully furnished and includes a queen size bed on the private mezzanine level in addition to the option of double bunk beds for children or ensuite bathroom. The kitchen includes under bench refrigerator, 2 burner gas stove, over head cupboards, adequate counter space and draws. There is a breakfast bar that also serves as a study desk and comfortable lounge. The roof feeds a fresh water tank and there is a greywater dispersion system. Cooling is easily controlled with cross ventilation and a ceiling fan. The lighting is all LED and the home has DC power sockets for charging phones and other devices. Pristine Haven empowers the underprivileged in our community by providing modern attractive fully furnished micro homes to rent in local currency with no deposit required.

Current Projects:

The pilot project is commencing within the Pristine Communities projects in Kenya, Nigeria and Pakistan.


Leveraging off the concept of the independent solar farm energy company incorporated within the Pristine Resort developments, Skypark is an industrial park whereby the superstructure of warehouse buildings is funded by the solar farm. An innovative lease payment structure allows tenants to secure a long term lease of the super structure building allowing them to clad to their own specific requirements.

Pristine Motorpark is incorporated within the Skypark. Designed to support the development of sustainable public transport infrastructure and job creation as a component of the Pristine Communities master plan. www.pristinemotorpark.com

Current Projects:

The pilot project is commencing within the Pristine Communities projects in Kenya, Nigeria and Pakistan.

Pristine Green:

The development incorporates a unique sustainable rural development model with a focus on sustainable forest management, sustainable agriculture development and value adding through sustainable food processing industrial park to produce the end product.

Working in collaboration with Government departments, families in poverty are identified and supported to become agriculture and animal husbandry farmers with assistance and skills training from the Sustainable Farming College Foundation. 5,000 acres have been designated to provide long term prosperity and opportunity for housing for 1,000 under privileged families.

Innorest Hotéis

Trendy pod room ultra-budget hotel providing modern, clean modest sized rooms at an affordable price. Often very well located in high density pedestrian traffic areas as the intention is to provide easy access to the public toilet, shower and changing room facilities that are incorporated within the design of the building. The public toilet facilities are sustainable, odor-free, maintenance-free, consumes no energy, no water, no supporting civil infrastructure and produces an ultra high value fertilizer.

The highly attractive four storey building is an impressive landmark for any city, it incorporates a dynamic LED Video Display Billboard as an additional revenue stream to ensure viability. The Innorest Hotel is completely self sufficient, it generates it’s own green electricity, manufactures it’s own water and does not require emptying. Consequently the facility does not require any public civil services such as electricity, esgoto ou de água de conexão.


Innobanking is a satellite mico-branch solution, we deliver rapid deployment of fully functional satellite micro-branches in prime high street locations. The solution achieves maximum brand exposure and convenience to customers to exponentially increase market share at a very low cost.

Safe and Secure: Featuring cashless tellers and fully featured VTM technology with multi tier security systems. The attractive ultra modern building is fabricated from solid steel plate with a motorized thick gauge metal roller doors which is virtually impenetrable.

The sophisticated VTM (Virtual Teller Machine) that performs 95% of all branch functions. A solution that performs a broad spectrum of services such as issuing cards, taking deposits and performing all cash and payment related functions.

Fully Managed Solution: World renowned banking system experts formulate the fully featured operations into existing platforms and contractual arrangements or can establish new networks inclusive of ATM and VTM software, support and servicing.


In the process of developing the Pristine Sustainable City model since 2007 with an emphasis on integrated sustainable civil infrastructure, we have established a formidable consortium of global expertise. The result being the only cash flow positive municipal waste management system on earth and recently quoted by the World Bank as “A Global Game Changer”. Six cities in five countries under MOU. Buscando joint venture / investor for seed capital for feasibility bankable documentation.

✅ Zero Co2 Energy

Zero CO2 Energy is the generation, transmission and distribution division of the Innohabitat’s chain of Pristine branded sustainable communities and townships. Unique solar farm ego system model. Off-grid solar energy in a unique low cost pay-as-you-go system and solar powered street lighting for Municipalities.



Innoauto specialise in a niche range of robust public transportation vehicles that are specially designed and manufactured for reliability and rough road conditions. InnoAce, InnoCoaster, Innotraveller AWD, InnoRodeo, InnoPickup, InnoJaguar, InnoMAN and InnoHaul 48 and InnoHaul 60 tipper trailers are distributed through the Innoauto Transport Association.

Transport Association Innoauto ✅

Supporting the development of Public transport infrastructure by fostering entrepreneurial development which is achieved by facilitating funding options to enable owner drivers to operate under the brand, management and corporate image. Empowering women and single mothers through InnoTaxi and youth through Innocourier incorporating the distribution of Innomossie. Conceived and designed school bus seats for children to increase capacity and significantly improve comfort and safety.


InnoCourier provides express delivery of official documents and small parcels with a focus on corporate and retail accounts and last mile deliveries for multinational courier companies. InnoCourier also distributes and delivers commodities to street hawkers and retail stores.



Get the food you want to eat when and where you want to eat it. Estamos trabalhando com os melhores pontos de comida quente em sua comunidade para colocar uma grande variedade de comida local disponível em um App,,en,InnoTaxi é um serviço de táxi metered acessível para passageiros individuais para curto para viagens de médio,,en,InnoTaxi é projetado para condições de estrada de terra rústica e viagens rápidas ideais em torno da cidade ou para viagens ao longo ou off estradas vicinais de terra,,en,InnoTaxi também apoiar pequenos comerciantes para transportar tanto eles e os seus produtos para o mercado em termos de segurança e conforto,,en,O aplicativo móvel Taxi Reserva permite que os consumidores com smartphones para enviar uma solicitação de viagem para chamar um passeio em um ritmo muito competitivo com um toque de um botão,,en, rodoferroviária,,en.

✅ Innotaxi

InnoTaxi is an affordable metered taxi service for individual passengers for short to medium journeys. InnoTaxi is engineered for rough dirt road conditions and it ideal quick journeys around town or for trips along or off dirt feeder roads. InnoTaxi also support petty traders to carry both them and their wares to market in safety and comfort. InnoTaxi bookings are supported by the Innotaxi mobile App that has been developed and will be available on Play Store and ITunes. The Mobile Taxi Booking app allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request to call a ride at a very competitive rate with a push of a button. It is fast, reliable and secure.


elos perdidos ao longo da rota Belt Africano e Estrada será atendido por,,en,off-road road-trem de transporte de que pode estimular a manutenção países vizinhos que não estão na rota,,en,Os caminhões e reboques acidentados fora de estrada foram especialmente concebidos e re-engenharia para esta aplicação por,,en, Searail,,en,Estrada também incorpora,,en,que é um passageiros de alta velocidade,,en,serviço de carga Ferry início às Nigéria através de Senegal e retorno, além de pessoal e serviços de transporte para as plataformas de petróleo,,en, Trans Railway Africano,,en Roadrail off-road road-train haulage of which can spur to service neighbouring countries that are not on the route. Roadrail also provides contract haulage solutions for the mining industry. The rugged off-road trucks and trailers have been specially designed and re-engineered for this application by Innoauto.


The African Belt & Road also incorporates Searail which is a High Speed Passenger & Cargo Ferry service commencing at Nigeria through to Senegal and return in addition to personnel and freight services to the oil rigs. The fleet of 266’ Fast RoPax Wave Piercing Catamaran High Speed Ferry vessels are designed to operate comfortably in ocean wave conditions and carries 700 passengers and 181 cars at speeds of 40 knots.

Trans African Railway

Innohabitat também iniciou o,,en,para ligar Mombasa,,en,Isso permite que uma rota marítima para a Europa para fechar o ciclo,,en, Belt Africano e estrada,,en Trans African Railway to link Mombasa, Kenya in East Africa through to Lagos, Nigéria na África Ocidental com esporas ferroviárias para Gana e Angola,,en,prorrogado por Innomarine passageiros de alta velocidade e logística balsa mar de Lagos na Nigéria para Dakar no Senegal,,en,Innohabitat pretende desenvolver acessíveis municípios fora da rede em locais estratégicos ao longo da rota Belt Africano e Estrada para fornecer soluções abrangentes de habitação a preços acessíveis, além de compensação e deveres instalações dentro dos Bonded Porto Seco Logística Zonas Francas,,en,Bilhões SGR Railway de Mombaça para Nairobi é concluída em 4º Trim,,en. This allows a sea route back to Europe to close the loop.

African Belt and Road

Innohabitat has conceived and designed the African Belt and Road Initiative of which is an extension of the Chinese Government’s Belt and Road global rail and sea logistics plan that connects Africa at Mombasa by sea.

✅ Innomossie

Efficient and cost effective indoor mosquito killer to protect families from malaria.


Highly innovative remittance solution that provides a 68% advantage and designed to assist funding of innoTaxi and InnoCourier. Complement by www.Buy2Freight.com to facilitate trade finance for shipping the vehicles.