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Collaboration Opportunities

We have significant scope for collaboration, we welcome participating in all aspects of Free Trade Zone Projects along the African Belt And Road and in the various Property, Energy and Logistic components that support it. The group comprises of the following companies and subsidiaries:

Central London Capital Ltd.

Buy2Lease, Buy2Freight, Equity2Own


New-build off-plan property in prime mega developments in capital cities world wide.
Exhibiting in property shows in China.
Off-market development sites and hotels within London and worldwide.
Discounted off-plan properties in Ghana and Nigeria.
Property related alternative investment products.

Innohabitat Ltd.



Our management has extensive experience and expertise in sustainable building materials, fast track construction systems and large low cost housing projects having completed over 1,700 dwelling in remote areas of Malaysia. Innohabitat has now commenced the world’s first chain of Branded Affordable Sustainable Townships with Dry Port Free Trade Zone and incorporating Solar Farm Power Plant. 创始人在高级板级汽车行业经验超过二十年和过去三十年奖的财产和房地产开发业的专业制胜,,en,还有就是要管理那些具有创新企业显著范围,,en,我们有一个与完善的建筑公司,可以提供交钥匙工程与提供付款保证的合资企业范围广阔,,en,该战略是,以帮助本地银行需要的资本,以满足央行标准,,en,沿非洲带和道路的国家资产和负债的解决方案开始,加纳和尼日利亚,,en,动力的传输和分配部门对品牌可持续的社区和乡镇Innohabitat的链,,en. In addition to a life long track record of conceiving and implementing innovative world benchmark solutions.

NOTE: Our ethos is about fostering entrepreneur development and as such we implement a No Employee Policy. All business is conducted through Arrangements, Profit Sharing, Partnerships, Joint Venture, Sales, 收购, or licensing. There is significant scope to Manage ventures for those with entrepreneurial initiative.


Innohabitat Ltd.

Innohabitat is an international property developer which has commenced the world’s first chain of branded affordable sustainable townships in emerging markets. The community developments incorporate a dry port free trade zone, solar farm power plant and integrate affordable public transport infrastructure.

Innohabitat has pioneered the African Belt and Road Initiative and the Trans African Railway Initiative to develop affordable housing and logistics infrastructure from West Africa to East Africa. Projects are commencing in Enugu in Nigeria along the African Belt and Road route to Voi in Kenya. Voids along the route are linked by www.RoadRail.org off-road road-train. (It is intended to extend the Passenger & Cargo logistics by www.SeaRail.org high speed ferry from Nigeria to Senegal and by www.Airrail.uk to international markets)

Current projects in the pipeline effectively connect West Africa to East Africa and then directly into China to establish the platform for the largest privately owned logistics network in the world.




  1. Chinese Agents; To head building a network of Chinese manufacturing companies in the Automotive, Construction and Sustainable Energy industries to establish manufacturing in factories within the Free Trade Zone industrial parks throughout East and West Africa in addition to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

  2. Major International Logistics Organisations; To participate in Railway, Road Train, Sea Ferry, 和 Air Freight and within the Dry Port Free Trade Zone industrial parks with clearance and bonded warehousing along the African Belt and Road from West to East Africa and throughout Pakistan.

  3. Railway & Haulage Organisations; We already have the platform to manage centralised railway bookings however opportunity exists for collaboration to manage the process of identifying missing links along the proposed African Belt and Road route. Voids shall be addressed by incorporating Roadrail off-road road trains that Innoauto has already specially designed and are now available.

  4. Mines, Cement Manufacturers, FMG Commodity Distributors; We provide new serviced fleet for long term haulage contracts.

  5. Finance Experts; Whilst we are inundated with offers for funding, we are overwhelmed at the level of fraudulent activity. If you are aware of the meaning of substantiating your claims, then we welcome collaborating with you and have unlimited volumes of business in a vast scope of areas. We are particularly interested in Trade Finance from China to Africa and Pakistan, Private Mortgage, Fund Managers to create Asset Class Bonds and possibly IPOs. We have approval for 50% guarantee on a Bond Issue from $2.5B Fund.

  6. Website & Marketing Material; To design first class website and marketing material for a broad range of property developments. This is an ongoing pipeline of work for ten years and paid upon receipt of funding per project.

  7. Employee Cooperatives and Ministries; We can provide priority access to large volumes of low cost and affordable housing for employee members.

  8. African Construction Companies; Contract to assemble complete homes in Ghana and Nigeria.

  9. African Property Developers; We provide turnkey home construction for sub-division estates and low cost housing development solution for established property developers with adequate working capital in a JV arrangement. We also have significant land bank in numerous countries.

  10. International Property Developers; We provide development site land for projects or precincts within master planned mega-projects and provide the land on builders terms.

  11. International Construction Companies; We have a broad scope for joint ventures with well established construction companies that can provide turnkey construction with the provision of a Payment Guarantee.

  12. Banks Requiring Capital; We are backed by a major Gulf Bank to provide the mortgages, the strategy is to assist local banks requiring capital to satisfy Central Bank criteria. Equity and Debt solution in countries along the African Belt and Road starting with Ghana and Nigeria.

  13. Dream Team; We are establishing a Dream Team comprising of industry experts and researchers to sit on the Advisory Board. The Dream Team shall be given the opportunity to verify research impact and to implement cutting edge technologies in all aspects of creating the ultimate efficient integrated city with a high emphasis on affordability, sustainability, lifestyle and employment creation.


Zero Co2 Energy

Zero CO2 Energy is the generation, transmission and distribution division of power for Innohabitat’s chain of branded sustainable communities and townships.


  1. Governments and Mines; Requiring 100% foreign investment to provide sustainable power production of any MW capacity with the provision of a PPA.


African Belt and Road

非洲带和路是一条显著总体规划的物流基础设施的倡议,是开放给别人利用关闭,,en,我们有长期服务合同拖运出来我们的耳朵,可提供,,en,高速客运和货运服务从尼日利亚飞往塞内加尔的所有端口,,en,我们正在与部长们从西非经共体参加西非能源发起这次,,en,我们需要有经验的码头运营商为管理层或合资,,en,和楼花,,en,母亲赋权是儿童教育和快递孤儿院,,en,我们已经得到了验证,并通过了关于全球捐赠网平台,并有经批准的活动,但我们不是很在行,,en,寻求合作集资专业,,en, to participate or to collaborate.


  1. Existing Railway & Logistics Companies: To join the network along the route or to connect to the route to expand into additional countries.

  2. Haulage Companies: We have Long Term Serviced Haulage contract coming out of our ears that can be made available. Examples are for Roadrail road-train mineral haulage for mining companies through to Roadrail road-train container haulage airports and industrial parks to the railway.

  3. Ferry Operator Management; A priority is to establish Searail High Speed Passenger and Cargo Service all ports from Nigeria to Senegal. We are initiating this with Ministers from ECOWAS attending the West Africa Energy, Mining & Investment Summit in Accra 11th – 13th April, 2018. We require experienced Ferry Operators as either Management or Joint Venture.

  4. Belt and Road Experts; We welcome collaboration with experts associated with Belt and Road in China and throughout the world to participate in and leverage off the African Belt and Road.

Central London Capital Ltd.

Buy2Lease which is supported by Equity2OwnBuy2Freight is a unique high yield remittance alternative that is fulfilling an exacerbating need to foster the livelihood of single mothers and to develop public transport and logistics infrastructure in rural areas throughout Africa.


  1. African Diaspora Churches, NGOsAfrican Business Networks; In the USA, UK and EU to market Buy2LeaseEquity2Own.

  2. NGOs; That already specialise in assisting mothers or children in countries in West Africa.

  3. Chinese Agents; To head building network of 入境 and tour firms in China to market 1st Charge VisaBuy2Freight and Off-Plan Property.

  4. Professional Fund Raisers; Mother Empowerment is a Child Education and Express Orphanage, we have been verified and approved on Global Giving Platform and have an approved campaign but we are not very good at it. Seeking to collaborate a Fund Raising Professional. For more information: www.innocourier.com/about-us



Is primarily involved in new-build off-plan property in prime mega developments in London and capital cities worldwide and marketing them in property shows in China. Holds a large portfolio of off-market development sites and hotels within London and worldwide. Recently focused on marketed significantly discounted off-plan properties in Ghana and Nigeria. Unique range of property related high yield investment products.


  1. Chinese Agents; To head building network of Estate Agents in China to market prime off-plan property, enbloc sales and cross border mortgages.

  2. Sales consultants worldwide; To become authorised CLRE Agents to market extensive portfolio of prime properties, high yield alternative investments and cross border mortgages.

  3. African Diaspora worldwide; To head building network to market a unique payment plan to acquire property in Ghana and Nigeria at a significant discount.

  4. Pakistan Diaspora worldwide; To head building network to market a unique payment plan to acquire property in Ghana and Nigeria at a significant discount.

  5. Property Developers in Ghana & Nigeria; Property Developers of large residential or mixed development estate projects to participate in other sales and project funding deal.






There is a vast scope for joint ventures and collaboration from companies and entrepreneurs. Kindly DO NOT email for a job as that is not how we operate. There is scope to BE YOUR OWN BOSS as an Agent to facilitate the above mentioned collaboration opportunities. Kindly copy the questions on the Response Form below and email to info@ innohabitat.com

  • Speaker at West Africa Energy Mining & Investment Summit in Ghana 11th – 13th April 2018.

  • Trip Schedule: London in January and February 2018, Nigeria in March 2018 and Ghana in April 2018, Pakistan in early May 2018, Kuala Lumpur & Singapore mid May, Philippines late May 2018 and Hong Kong and China late June 2018.


Response Form

Kindly reply providing your full contact details and a full description on yourself, your company and precisely how you envisage that we can collaborate. Kindly DO NOT ask us where you fit in, kindly appreciate that it is for you to identify the business that you are proposing.

  • Name:

  • Position:

  • Company Name:

  • 地址:

  • Website:

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  • Mobile:

  • WhatsApp:

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  • 叽叽喳喳:

  • Description of how we can collaborate, kindly identify the applicable company and exactly how we can move forward. Either what you want, what you can provide or how we can work together.

In relation to Projects, kindly provide the following basic information in addition to the Executive Summary.

  • Project Description?

  • Location and size of land, site map, location map?

  • Zoom In and Zoom Out Google Earth image clearly showing boundaries?

  • Value of the Development Site, market value of a plot and the size?

  • Is the land encumbered and if so how much or what percentage of the value?

  • What do you want?

  • What are you contributing, what are you putting on the table?

Kindly email to: info@innohabitat.com