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Construction Systems

✅     Innoblock Large block, energy efficient ultra fast track construction system.

✅     Innoclad Fire proof, energy efficient , pre-rendered exterior wall cladding system.

✅     Innoboard Fire proof energy efficient pre-rendered exterior wall system.

✅     Innoframe Modular framing system with strong structural integrity for fast track construction applications.

✅     Innopanel Fire proof, energy efficient precision cut panel construction system for fast track construction applications.

✅     Innocrete Fast track precision cut  panel  construction system using concrete with the option of Innoclad insulation.

✅     Innoslab Fast track, cost effective, energy efficient foundation system.

✅     Innodeck Fast track, cost effective, large span, multilevel decking system.

✅     Innominium 100% recycled composite material of extreme strength and durability suitable for structural frame or as building material.

✅     Innominium & Innoclad or Innopanel Innominium frame with Innoclad as exterior wall or with Innopanel incorporated within the wall.

✅     Innoframe & Innoboard, Rockwool or Sandwich EPS Panel Fast track construction system for residential or remote commercial applications such as base camp communities.

✅     Innobeam Laminated interlocked timber beams for high quality and easy of construction in applications where timber is required.