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Developer Solutions

Innohabitat具有用于大独特的高体积施工溶液住宅小区房地产开发商,,en,该房地产开发商提供civils和楼板和Innohabitat提供成品外墙,,en,我们提供可量化的预算与定义利润率,,en, Innohabitat有时可以与大型住宅细分房地产开发商协作因此,我们在安全方面的建设者情节和当时的市场和销售我们的家园和,,en,他们建造完成或锁定阶段,,en. We provide a sub-contractor service, delivering the building to lock-up stage. The estate developer provides the civils and floor slab and Innohabitat provides the finished external walls, roof, windows and doors to lock-up stage ensuring a hassle free rapid build solution of extremely high quality and efficiency. We provide quantifiable budgeting with defined profit margins, significantly faster stage payments, higher volume turn over and significantly increased profits over a shorter period of time.

Innohabitat can sometimes collaborate with large residential subdivision estate developers whereby we secure plots on builders terms and then market and sell our homes and build them complete or to lock-up stage.

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Innohabitat有兴趣在首都城市的黄金发展用地整个非洲建立,,en, Innohabitat,能很好地提供,,en,对事项的房地产开发商和发展中国家的政府,,en 4 和 5 star hotels.


Innohabitat is well positioned to provide Consultancy Services to property developers and Governments in developing countries on matters of sustainable building materialsfast track construction systems, green energy productionenergy saving techniques, significantly reducing road costs, underground civil technologies and innovative sewage treatment options.

提供大宗批发供应 electrical, plumbing, sanitary ware, kitchens and furniture packs.