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Sustainable Construction College

The objective of the Sustainable Construction College (SCC) это поможет разработчикам сделать переход от устаревших традиционных строительных материалов и устаревших методов строительства для достижения квантовый скачок в области качества, durability, expediency and cost savings using sustainable building materials and fast track construction systems.

To achieve this objective, SCC acts as a supplier to the Developer or Main Contractor of the development in a Supply and Fit capacity under the hospice of a Construction College.

По завершении разработки разработчик имеет установленную банду квалифицированных рабочих, которые имеют большой опыт в улучшенном способе строительства, которые доступны им для будущих событий в этой стране. Тогда этот MO повторяется в другой стране, и поэтому достижение глобальной экспансии.

It should also be noted that the Concept of this College, has a huge fundamental difference, it places heavy focus on practical training as opposed to classroom based training, it incorporates the manufacturing of it’s own building materials and uses a real construction project to obtain quality on-the-job training, следовательно, высокое качество опыт и знания достигается. Это также обеспечивает правильное соотношение числа обученных людей к конкретным сделкам, to be directly proportional to a construction project in order to minimize over or under supply of a particular Trade.

The College’s core business is to:

  • Provide competent skills verification and aptitude assessment testing of candidates;
  • Provide high quality teaching facilities for theory and practical skills training in all aspects of the construction industry utilizing the most innovative building products and construction systems;
  • Provide expertise in the manufacture of sustainable building materials and coatings;
  • Provide supplementary training in the areas of work place health and safety, hygiene, supervisory and management skills and ISO-9004 policies and procedures via the local CIDB;
  • Provide a professional and reliable placement service for successful Trainees of the College;
  • Manage the effective provision and production scheduling of the manufacture, supply and fit of certain major construction components in associated these developments.

Innohabitat incorporated this strategy within Innohabitat’s range of branded developments.