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Waste / Energy


In the process of developing the Pristine Sustainable City model since 2007 with an emphasis on integrated sustainable civil infrastructure, we have established a formidable consortium of global expertise. The result being the only cash flow positive municipal waste management system on earth and quoted by the World Bank as “A Global Game Changer”.

Innowaste represents an unprecedented opportunity to address the municipal waste infrastructure financing, technology, environmental and operations management. The facts are; The Innowaste system provides a green and sustainable solution to demanding municipal waste management issues while achieving exceptional economic, social and environmental performance by creating recyclable water, renewable energy and urban food production to achieve water, energy and food security.

The Innowaste system is a complete closed loop solution in relation to both the services and infrastructure that are provided to the community in addition to 100% private funding. Expected investment is in the vicinity of $700,000,000 all of which comes completely FREE to the city.

The Innowaste system is delivered by an international consortium of expertise from specialist companies with a proven track record in their respective fields. The funding is derived from SLS (Senior Life Settlement) bond issues designed for the London, Frankfurt and Dublin Exchanges and managed by Capital Protected Financing and The Investors Partnership Limited (both of London).

The funding process quite obviously requires a detailed project specific feasibility report and a budget of $2.5M has been allocated for this purpose. Furthermore an attractive 20% equity stock holding in the Innowaste operating company has been allocated to facilitate this initial capital investment from a local private investor or the Municipality.