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Zero Co2 Energy

Zero CO2 Energy is the generation, transmission and distribution division of the Innohabitat’s chain of Pristine branded sustainable communities and townships.

✅ Independent solar farm power plants are incorporated within the flagship Pristine Resort community developments, shopping mall, business centre and the Skypark industrial zones. The roofs of the 1,000 affordable homes in Pristine Resorts create a 8.8 MW renewable energy power plant. Furthermore the superstructure of the Skypark warehouse buildings is funded by the solar farm located on the roof. An innovative lease payment structure allows tenants to secure a long term lease of the super structure building allowing them to clad to their own specific requirements. The Pristine Township typically generates 20 MW of renewable energy.

✅ Pristine Green Eco is a highly innovative and unique solar farm ego system model to provide 10 x 200MW (2 Gigawatt) solar farm power plant, national food security, mass skills training, employment and prosperity for countries. Fully funded with the provision of PPA.

✅ Zero Co2 Energy has partnered with a telco and an extensive distribution channel in Nigeria to provide an innovative off-grid solar energy in a unique low cost pay-as-you-go system. The service is poised to replace hazardous kerosene lanterns and fossil fuel generators with clean green renewable energy, enough to power lights, fans, computers, TVs and other small devices simultaneously. The equipment, internet of things security technology and funding are also in place and currently pending finalising arrangements with a licensed distributor.

✅ Zero Co2 Energy provides a comprehensive energy procurement service to dramatically reduce electricity and gas costs for commercial and industrial organisations throughout the UK. Energy management services reduce usage with specialist energy saving equipment which can be financed by the Carbon Trust’s interest free loans for qualifying organisations. Remote sales teams are operating from Ghana and Nigeria.